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Salt Lake City Council Learns About Deconstruction and The ReUse Solution!

Monday, May 13, 2013 - 20:55
Daniel Salmon

On April 23rd, I had the privilege to address the Salt Lake City Council regarding Mayor Becker’s Recycling and Construction Waste Management plan. The council affords the public 2 minutes to comment on such proposals. I used this opportunity to make the council aware of The ReUse People’s presence in Utah, what deconstruction is, and how it benefits direct and indirect stakeholders. After my two minutes were up, Councilman Soren Simonsen asked a follow up question; something seldom done during public comment. The council’s response seemed favorable, and I was able to provide some material to them about our organization.

I mention this because its great to see a local government take the initiative to adopt more progressive requirements for construction waste. You can read more about Salt Lake’s proposed recycling and construction waste changes here. The intent is to raise the bar for recycling rates; 55% diversion for demolition. They will also require contractors and demolition companies to track these materials and provide the city with an audit plan for their projects. This will add a small burden, but it is exactly where The ReUse Solution can be helpful. Since deconstruction attains 75% salvage rates regularly, hitting Salt Lake’s new proposed standards isn’t a problem. We also track and inventory all items and materials salvaged which eliminates the headache for contractors. Since we provide free training to builders and remodelers interested in becoming Certified Deconstruction Contractors, the skills needed to reach these benchmarks is available. How fortuitous that Salt Lake city is expanding its focus on reducing demolition waste at the same time TRP is bringing deconstruction to Utah. Coincidence or destiny?

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